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abylon LOGON protects your computer again illegal access in a comfortable kind
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8 February 2014

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In many organizations, certain people need to deal with sensitive data. Now if you have critical financial data or business plans stored in your system, you are likely to be very worried about its security. The standard windows password may not suffice and you may need to explore more formidable means of ensuring security. One of the best ways to achieve the same involves use of the abylon LOGON 11.00.2 tool. It essentially pairs up the password to your system with a hardware device, ideally an USB card or an optical media disk. Only when the hardware is inserted into the system, a logon can be achieved. Moreover the tool enforces strong password that makes it literally impossible for someone to hack the password in quick time.

On launch the abylon LOGON 11.00.2 showcases a very basic interface. At first you need to select the device drive which you need to pair with your system and then place in the necessary details in the application interface. These includes the username and password besides choosing the domain and encryption standard. Interesting you can ensure that the password key changes every other day in a random manner, thereby significantly preventing any chances of compromise. A critical part of this application is its reliance on hardware. The moment you remove the paired USB drive from the system, the system would go into a lockdown mode. So whenever you need to leave your desk, just unplug the pen drive and your system becomes protected. In the unfortunate circumstances where you lose your paired device, you can still access the system using a contingency Secure ID.

On account of its capacity to ensure comprehensive security for your PC, the abylon LOGON 11.00.2 earns a score of three and half rating stars. The application is likely find many takers in banking and financial sectors.

Publisher's description

The software abylon LOGON offers a comfortable way to protect your computer against illegal access. You only need to train your chip card, your removable media (e. g. memory stick), or a CD/DVD with your windows login data and in the future this medium is your authentication for the computer. It is possible to use a two-factor authentication as optional extended protection. Beside the physical key a master-password must be inserting. By leaving your computer you need only to pull the smart card or the removable media and your computer locked or logged out automatically. Thus protect your computer against snoopier views and data theft effectively without extensive training. For professional users many certificate smart cards and token are supported. Additionally a random-password can be activate, which change daily the windows logon password with random data. The cryptic and large password string will be never displayed. In case by loosing or defect of a physical key can be enter an emergency SecureID.
abylon LOGON
abylon LOGON
Version 11.0.2
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